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Remember Sabeer Bhatia, the co founder of Hotmail, the first ever web based email service. Now he is back with another service called Live Documentswhich has all the features of Microsoft Office 2007 and is available for free online.

Live Documents is a fully featured online office suite whose functionality is equivalent to that of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It has been developed using Java and Flash and allows users to access and edit there documents using any browser from anywhere and from any platform. The interface is flash based and offers the users a rich visual experience in doing there task.

It will also be available as a standalone desktop application which will wrap around the existing Microsoft Office and will add some collaborative capabilities to it. Your Microsoft Office wont be a standalone application anymore as it will enable users to share there documents online which can be edited by several users at the same time. It will also have several security and access control for better management.The Live Documents desktop client will also ensure offline access to documents – a feature which is not there in current office online applications.

Users can work online as well offline based on what they like and there work will be synchronized between online and offline versions. Live Documents is currently available in preview mode on an invitation basis. You can register for an invite here. Though i dont think it will have the same success as that of Hotmail, it is still a good product to look forward too. Wonder what Microsoft will be thinking? Will they purchase it too like in case of hotmail?

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